Thursday, July 08, 2004


  • Spotted in France by Gregory Edmont

    Rating: *****

    I've never been one for Dalmatians, but this made me want to go out and get one. Or at least a dog as brilliant and blessed as JP. I loved how Edmont and his dog traveled through France (no small patch of land) on a Vespa. Besides the fact that I love those weird little mopeds, I think the image of JP riding on the footrest with goggles on is too adorable. Edmont's methods are odd - top notch restaurants and cheap lodging - but their adventures, such as being arrested, aided by a coven, and sent to a doggie bordello, really take the cake. Rationally, I know that no one has as many coincidences as the pair seem to have, but part of me knows it can happen. It made the whole book a surreal pleasure from the moment I got hooked by the precocious and, at times, prescient JP's adoption by the financially strapped Edmont, to the utterly perfect ending, complete with wedding.

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many thanks for the review -- greg